• Client: HANIMEX

  • Project Date: FEB 2016

  • Location: New Cairo , Egypt

  • Scope: Interior Design

Hanimex Flagship store in New Cairo ,

is the culmination of a long research exercice to optimise and enhance the functionality and the customer accessibility of the complex Egyptian house furnishing experience .
The flagship stands as one of New Cairo exceptional one stop shops for house furnishing and accessories .
Hanimex is considered to be one of the giants of the industry in Egypt and the middle east with a inventory of more than 40 000 Different products , El Ghoneimi Architects’s challenge was to design a system that allows for enough flexibility and versatility to host and showcase such a wide variety of product in an easy to use manner that would help both the store and the client to navigate through this vast array of products .
Modularity and display standardisation were the leading moto in the design . it was implemented in a manner that allows Hanimex stores to replicate it in all its locations , harmonizing the customer experience that will find it easy and enjoyable to shop at the Hanimex stores .

Hanimex Flagship is a 6 Levels , 6000M2 Showroom located in the Banking district of New Cairo .